I have created this web site as a place to have fun and experiment with WordPress and Web technology. I’ve changed things around a bit from the default that comes with WordPress so you will need to follow the menu to navigate to where you want to go. Even though to some extent this site is an experiment to see how far I can go with WordPress, at the same time it is intended as a real, live site that people can use.

I have currently two other sites that I have created with a similar intent but using different software technologies and tools. My main site, at www.richardbuttars.com is written with PHP running on apache. The other site was created using Visual Studio 2008 and running Microsoft Windows and Internet Information Server. That site is at www.richardbuttars.org. Please feel free to visit any one of them and check out what I have there.

Membership in the site is free and open however you will need to enter a CAPTCHA in order to get access. This is to make sure that only real people become members of the site and not spammer robots. After you sign up the system will send you an email to use to confirm your membership. Please click the link in that email to activate your membership.

In addition to the member area I also have an online store here where you can buy some of my books from me directly. I will be adding to this as time goes on so keep checking on it from time to time. If you buy a book here all of the money you spend will go to the author who wrote the book.