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The Last of His Kind Omnibus Edition – Richard Buttars


This volume combines The Last of His Kind and A New Beginning

into a single volume.

Book 1 – The Last of His Kind

The planet Venda has been destroyed, the surface seared and the atmosphere blasted away as a result

of the final assault by the alien Morro. Of all the inhabitants of Venda there was only one survivor

of the devastated planet, Mev Van Zehe, away serving in the Interstellar Republic Space Navy.

Book 2 – A New Beginning

The tale of Mev Van Zehe, the last High Lord of Venda continues as he and his companions

strike out on their own. They construct their own ship and set off on a journey of discovery

across the galaxy.

Worlds of Probability – Richard Buttars

Jason Fowler invents a machine that allows him to travel between different timelines. Ever wonder what would happen if some historical event happened different than what actually did happen? Jason finds out.